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Small businesses which own vans are being hit hard by yet another rise in insurance premiums. Van owners are facing annual insurance price rises of 29.5%, according to new analysis from insurance market research experts Consumer Intelligence. Average bills are now £1,636 with prices soaring in the past three months. The data also shows that the over-50s have seen premiums rise by 38%, while those aged 25 to 49 have seen prices rise by 27.5%. Average premiums for van drivers are nearly two-and-a-half times higher than for car drivers who pay an average £666. Premiums are more expensive fo..
Dashboard cameras are increasingly used by drivers to protect themselves from “crash for cash” scams. With the footage submissible as evidence in court, dash cams can help clear innocent drivers of any wrongdoing. By accurately recording any incidents or near-misses, they are invaluable to many professions that spend a lot of time on the road, such as taxi or delivery drivers. But surprisingly, driving instructors are not yet adopting the technology in the same numbers. The more time you spend on our increasingly busy roads, the more likely you are to be involved in an incident – so why not..
Truck, van and car fleets have benefitted for years from GPS tracking and telematics. Now Trakm8prime brings these benefits to the taxi and private hire industry, at an affordable price and in a hassle-free package. Priced from £12.99 per vehicle, per month, Trakm8prime costs from less than 43p per day – and you’re not tied into a long term contract (we have 12 month or 24 month options). With savings of up to 15% on your fuel bill, the return on investment is clear. In fact, we are so confident that we are offering a 30-day, no obligation, FREE trial! There are several key features that..
Vehicle tracking saves you time and money, as well as giving you peace of mind. If you’re thinking about fitting a telematics box to each of your vehicles, it’s important that you find the right provider for you. Free Demo and Trial Any provider of vehicle trackers worth their salt will offer you a free demonstration - and any company with confidence in its fleet management system will also give you a free trial. You can book an interactive webinar with a Trakm8prime customer adviser, at a time to suit you. This one-to-one call will include a short demo of all the key features, and gives..
Geofencing is a popular tool used as part of a fleet management solution. Geofencing allows fleet managers to create predefined virtual barriers on a real world map and when their vehicles exit or enter this barrier, a notification is automatically generated and sent via email or through a mobile app. Geofences of any size can be created; whether this be a perimeter around a specific region of the country, or a fence around your headquarters. Firstly, geofencing serves as an ideal tool to ensure the safety of your vehicles. By drawing a line around a depot or headquarters, fleet managers ar..
Trakm8prime offers you more than just vehicle tracking. From as little as £12.99 per vehicle per month, we can provide you with a range of fleet management tools. Trakm8prime telematics includes easy-to-use features including: • geofencing • vehicle health • driver behaviour • business/private mileage Geofencing Geofencing uses GPS technology to establish digital boundaries around a real-world geographic location. You can create geographic no-go zones, and even input the times when your vehicles are not allowed inside them. It is particularly useful in helping you to avo..
Many small business owners are missing out on the benefits of telematics because they don’t understand the savings in time and money that it can deliver. We designed Trakm8prime with small fleets in mind, to make it easy to use, affordable and above all, flexible. For as little as £12.99 per vehicle per month, you get access to a fantastic fleet management tool that is much more than just a vehicle tracker. Accessible online any time via our web portal, or a downloadable app, Trakm8prime enables you to easily locate your vehicles, keep on top of fuel costs and analyse the performance of ..

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