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Small Fleet Management Solution from Trakm8prime

Introducing Trakm8prime

From only £12.99 per month per vehicle, Trakm8prime is affordable for all budgets.

Our virtual fleet management solution provides all the information you need to locate your vehicles, optimise your fleet, reduce your risk, manage your fuel costs and send critical vehicle data and driver performance information to you via our online portal or easy to use app.

Focussed on improving efficiencies and driver safety, our plug 'n' play service provides owners of small fleets with useful insights into where and how their vehicles are being driven. This can slash fuel costs, reduce insurance premiums and cut mileage associated administration time.

Simple to use, it can be bought online in minutes and installed in seconds with no complicated long-term contracts. There's no need to take your vehicles off the road for installation, just plug our matchbox sized micro device into your vehicle OBD port and you’re ready to go.

With detailed analysis of over 2 billion driving miles; Trakm8prime can help to clearly identify and improve greatly upon critical problem areas which impact upon business productivity and profitability. Businesses can analyse driver behaviour, track vehicles in real time, diagnose vehicle faults and help to seamlessly divide business and private mileage.

Trakm8prime is extremely affordable from as little as only £12.99 per month (or just 43p per day) with no hidden extras on top. Buy now!

We are confident that you will find Trakm8prime indispensable to your fleet management, in fact, so confident that we offer a 30 day no risk cancellation period as standard. If you find that your expectations are not met, then we will supply a full refund within 30 days provided the device is returned in full working order.

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What makes Trakm8prime different?

  • Affordability - The most competitively priced fleet management device offering all of the above from just £12.99 per month.
  • Capability - From a company with a proven 15 year record of success dealing with customers such as the AA.
  • Simplicity - Using a simple plug and play device there are no fitting costs and installation is quick and easy.
  • Reliability - With a full life 'peace of mind' guarantee and full UK support.
  • Flexibility - Using a web portal which can be accessed 24/7 via the web or our dedicated app - view your vehicles however suits you.
  • Durability - Developed by a team of experts and with strong, long term growth plans, we'll be here to help your business for many years to come.

Designed, developed, manufactured, supplied and supported in the UK, Trakm8prime is a proud member of the ‘Made in Britain’ marque.



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